Cloud infrastructures are complex

CloudXLER8R makes it effortless

Incorporating our two-decade-long experience and passion for solving complex technical challenges, CloudXLER8R can enable your organization to fast track digital transformation

Our built-in security, monitoring, and scalability features enables customers to focus on their growing business and leave the management of their infrastructure to us

Embarking on digital transformation without cloud experts leads to:

Cost Overruns

Security Issues

Project Delays

Cloud Architect As a Service

A turnkey product comparable to hiring a high performance team of cloud architects

A member of

CloudXLER8R's Strategic Advantage

Faster Time to Market

Respond quickly to customer demands and fast track digital transformation by accelerating infrastructure, development, and migration timelines from months down to days

Lower TCO

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with a purpose-built infrastructure with seamless provisioning modern application development tools

Security & Compliance

Experience enterprise grade security and compliance best practices that conform to some of the most common industry standards and regulatory requirements

Speed & Agility

Empower your development teams to deliver new innovative faster and seamlessly with a significant uplift in end-development workflow

Choose the right plan for you

Simple, transparent, and flexible pricing


We care about our customers experience too

Matt Estremera

CMO - MediaNug
Embracing CloudXLER8R transformed our whole process and took our efficiency to new heights. It drastically expedited the time-to-market for our NugVerse app, If you're looking for a transformative tool that will streamline your operations CloudXLER8R is the solution.


CEO - MyBizWorkflow
CloudXLER8R has truly been a game-changer for us, It has made AWS infrastructure an absolute breeze.It has saved us a significant amount of time and resources. I highly recommend CloudXLER8R.


CTO - YardLogs
CloudXLER8R has revolutionized the way our development teams work, it enabled them to focus on building features instead of infrastructure details. Anyone looking to empower their development teams should consider CloudXLER8R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, if you're developing applications on AWS, aim to reduce costs, and boost your developer productivity by 40%, then the answer is definitely YES.

CloudXLER8R is designed in accordance with all best practices, and the infrastructure is set up in an AWS account that you own, ensuring that you have complete control over your data.

During the initiation process, we will inform you about the licensing fees, in case you decide to transition away from the subscription-based model.

We are continually striving to upgrade CloudXLER8R with new features and improvements on your behalf. To update, all you need to do is change the version number and deploy the most recent infrastructure.

We offer free evaluation

Why not book a complimentary 30-minute evaluation of your product, one of our cloud expert is here to help.

Our Insights

At the heart of 'CloudXLER8R' lies a deep love for technology and commitment to help our partners excel. We view every project as a learning journey, a chance to gain new insights.

We're firm believers in the power of shared wisdom and experience, and are eager to pass on our learnings to you, so you too can share in the success. We're not just a service, we're a supportive hand guiding you towards your aspirations.